Friday, June 27, 2014

Deck Slideshow - Presentation

easy and could be used on something as simple as a picture show. 
Like the availability of graphs, grids, etc.  It could be an easy way to show trends within our library, or for more simple things - like the photo slideshow.
That reminds me, I should check out IRFanview for an App.  I use that program all the time

Free Books - how can you go wrong?

I now have the Free Books App.  How can I go wrong?
I love classics, some of my favorites are classics.
I can imagine that this will be my favorite app - once 23 things are done.
Right now, i do not feel like i have the time I want to enjoy it.  The only thing I am a little concerned about is the small size of the screen.  But i can see that this could be really handy once I find certain passages.  If I can mark the page, it is something to show a kid or teen - and give them a chance to be entranced by the same characters and situations that I found so wonderful - both then and now.
now to give all the newbie vampire-wanna-be's the phrase: Listen to the children of the night...

Library & Reference

Have had Anoka County Library app loaded since day one.  Got to see what is happening - as well as watch for those books I want.
Accessing my account is easy, and I tend to notice things that are happening at other branches - while I miss looking for them when I am at work.  How sad is that!

Photos on Pinterest

Still having loads of fun on Pinterest.  Have posted photos there.  Some old, some new.  Its fun to see how fast others like or re-pin them.  Too much fun!  I have to be careful, i can get lost in posting and finding other pictures.  It feeds my soul.  Foxes are a passion, as well as bats and bat things.  And i have gotten my best friend and my husband looking too.  I an see how this will help them see what I have in some collections.  That is my goal - make a board per collection.   Its all good!

23 mobile things

Cannot believe how much time has past.
My branch is being renovated and I have been too busy to play much.
Played with Color Splurge, did not like the results - but then i take photos to remember what i saw.
will have to take pictures just to play with.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Instagram or Snapchat!?
That's it?
Neither would be my normal choice.
For the sake of the event, I choose Instagram as the lesser of evils.
I have heard too many bad things about Snapchat.  I just don't want to go there.
It is installed.  I'll have to see how hard it is to use.
Oh well, in the mean time, back to Pinterest!
See you around the fox boards!
Ok! installed Photo Editor and Color Splurge.
Photo Editor will take practise.  I see that.
Color Splurge queued my anti virus right away, but I installed.
Only to have it fail right away.  It is now uninstalled.  I don't need to be dealing with those problems.
One of the things I have found that I do not like: you must be connected to the internet to use some of these apps.  I like the ones where I don't have to be.  I go to many areas where I don't have access.

Photo Editor will come in very handy, especially as I tend to get some pix with the wrong contrast or resolution.  Wahoo!

#8 Social Media / 23 MobileThings

I have been on Facebbok for many years I do know how to use that.  I actually have many photos posted - both personal and some for work.
I have played many a game thru there also Lolz.
Now I have eased back.  I login to check on friends and see photos of their papillons and whatever else they may want to share.
It is a site I really like.

I joined Twitter a few years ago- but I do not see the oint.  It is not for me.  I am not one to blab about what I am doing at any given minute.

But back to Facebook.  I do like it on my tablet as it is handy and easy to view pictures with,  And that is what I really like about Facebook - sharing pictures/photos etc.

The Facebook App seems to work well with the tablet.  I can do eveything I normally do on the pc, using the tablet.  It is all good!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Remember the Milk

Found that I really do not like this app.
Tried using it during a meeting and found that unless I had wifi - it did not work correctly.
I lost every note I took.
Also tried using an app that was suggested on my device(do not remember the name - Olive something).
Found that app did not work well either.  Again, lost all notes because there was no WiFi handy.
Have downloaded Quick Office and will try that next.
Still having a grand time with Pinterest.  Have had a number of items liked and/or re-pinned.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014


I am in trouble, I really like Pinterest.  It's a great place to put pictures of stuff.  And I have so many things I like to keep pictures of.  A picture list is one of the things  used to keep and carry and old ipad for.  Now I can quit carrying that thing and just look things up on the tablet or my smart phone!  I 'do' feel like I stepped into the 21st Century finally!  Woohoo!

Thursday, February 6, 2014


Oh wow.
I think I like this.
I have pinned a few boards from other peoples, bat, & started a couple others. Next I need to load my own pix and start some boards!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Remember the Milk

Not sure this app will be used much.
Seems awkward and limiting.
I would prefer something simple like Notepad.

Note Taking

Added Remember the Milk app.
This will be handy but it's another password to remember.😢
And I guess I will have to wait until I get home to look up the password to use it today.


Set up Flip board last Tuesday.
Attached a number of sites.
Some flip - others barely ever.
I like this app.  Told my hubby about it.
He went out and bought a tablet! Lolz

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Working on filling my Flipboard.  Am finding out that many of the sites I visit - may not work.  You have to login or do something to access the info. Hmmm. Will have to look into this more.

1/21/14 23 Mobile Posts

And now, what happened to the post I put up last week!?  I seem to be having problems with this app


Tried Utilities today.  Set up a couple of things. Added clock & calculator as I often use those.  Also branched out & added flashlight.  Then turned on Google googles and used it on a barcode.  Very cool!  As I have lists of my books , this could be very handy. Also watched multiple videos about my tablet.  Changed the wallpaper to jpg that was in my email.  Really liked that. Must find time to do more.

1/21/14 Troubles

I seem to be unable to publish from my tablet.  I guess I need to look into this more.

1/21/14 Troubles

I seem to be unable to publish from my tablet.  I guess I need to look into this more.

Now why did this post twice?